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Jan 11, 2020
category: History
San Bushmen Society

The Bushmen (politically correct name “San”) are one of the most ancient populations not only in Africa, but also on the entire planet. The age of their existence amounts to about 20,000 years.

Jan 11, 2020
category: History

Imagining some faraway land, a perfect place to relax, to have rest, regain peace of mind and feel spiritually enriched, people often think of Greece.

Jan 9, 2020
category: History
The Settlements of Virginia and Massachusetts

The great migration of Europeans to North America began in the 17th century. Trickle of several hundred English settlers in three centuries developed into a flowing stream of millions of immigrants.

Jan 9, 2020
category: History
Our New Place in the Asia-Pacific

The historical ties between Australia and Asia date back to many decades ago before and after the events of World War II.

Sep 19, 2019
category: History
Islam and the Persian Civilization

Cultures of the world are very dynamic because they change depending on the other cultures they interact with, the politics, population growth, and other things.

Sep 9, 2019
category: History
American Invasion of Iraq

Instead of the expected quick victory and creation of the stable democracy, the American invasion of Iraq in March 2003 turned into a long-term, debilitating, and costly war.

Aug 31, 2019
category: History
Cold War Propaganda

Originally, the word ‘Propaganda’ was used in religious context. The Roman Catholics used it when referring to an arm of the church responsible for “de propaganda fidei” – propagation of faith.

Aug 1, 2019
category: History
The Abolition of the Slave Trade and Slavery

The slave society existed in the British, French and Spanish colonies as well as in the United States, Cuba, and Brazil. Generally, the principal destination of the slaves in America was the plantations and mines.

Apr 17, 2019
category: History
The Archaeological Process

Nowadays, considerable attention is paid to the archeological researches that study the settlements of the ancient people. These researches help to create a vision of the past culture and behavior.

Jun 6, 2018
category: History
Kisaeng in Premodern Korean History

The history of Kisaeng represents the historical period from the Goryeo dynasty to the modern history of Korea.