Sep 17, 2020
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Tocqueville decided to study democracy in America after he had studied the failed government in his nation, France. He wanted to explore a stable form of democracy in order to have an overview of the way it operated. He found out that the efforts of democracy along with equality had taken over America, and had become a global phenomenon as well as a long-lasting historical tendency that could not be ended. However, several problems have been associated with democracy despite the fact that it enhances equality. The problems include abuse or even the lack of appetite for freedom, excessive pressure for individualism, equality and materialism as well as disproportionately increased part of power in the branch enhancing legislation. Nevertheless, it was believed that certain elements would help to curb the problems that emerge out of democracy. It is clear that democracy has been both advantageous and disadvantageous, and this can be traced back to the American history as well as in the current periods.

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Democracies are usually bound to exhibit only a few structural flaws that are linked to the characteristics of democracy. In this case, different populaces have different opinions concerning the political procedures. Therefore, the advantages along with the disadvantages of political structure are usually determined vigilantly in order to attain the finale. In his research, Tocqueville was impressed by many posts that were elected using the democratic procedure in the United States. Most importantly, the author was happy about the democracy that had become an intrinsic portion of the American composition. Most people engaged with the acts of democracy had deep understanding of the way it worked. Nevertheless, he was also concerned of the many aspects of the democratic United States. In this case, the author mentioned that he was concerned of the many democratic processes that could wear the entire governing processes. It was considered that with many posts granted through election, most people would stop seeing the importance of the democracy itself and would stop taking part in the election process. Moreover, his concern was that democracy in the United States could direct the nation to have elite individuals that stand as well as vote for the election process hence creating the democratic aristocracy. His major concern was that of the minority that their views could be avoided in the political process hence developing the nation as a tyranny for the majority whereby only the majority could vote and outdo all the views of the minority. Therefore, it appears that the author had contrasting views about democracy in America hence the need to dig deeper into the issue and analyze the advantages along with the disadvantages of democracy in the United States. This will make the contrasting issue open for discussion since one will be able to weigh the side that has a heavier weight than the other.

Research has indicated that defects of the elements of democracy are open, but its advantages can be noticed over the long-term. It has been mentioned that the laws of the American nation are mostly defective or even incomplete at one point or another. In this case, laws under democracy tend to be directed towards the effectiveness of the majority individuals but the elements of aristocracy are much skilled in its legislation. One of the advantages of democracy is that it improves the public spirit in America. Two types exist under patriotism including that emerges from instinctive love that is based on the feeling instead of the reason and ephemeral. This is rational and indicates lasting patriotism and associated with the personal interest and engendered by the enlightenment. It has been considered that the best way to improve on the growing patriotism is to engage people in order to take part in developing their personal interests in their nation’s fate through offering them the government’s share. It has been evident in the United States hence making the Americans effectively patriotic.

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Democracy also brought about the idea of people’s rights in the United States. In this case, people’s rights are essential in order to enhance cohesiveness and prosperity in the American society. Having a sort of property under the American land has forced most Americans to recognize that there is the right to property principle. The democratic government in the United States makes political rights to get their way through the last citizen in America. Most importantly, the moral as well as the religious conception of the rights in America appears to be disappearing. In this case, it is vital to associate the concept of the rights to those of personal interest. The United States has achieved the capabilities of doing that through offering individuals the political rights from the start. Democracy has also been associated with the increased respect for laws in America. It is vital to indicate that offering individuals the right to make their laws can lead to decreased legislation. However, it can grant the laws even more strength than it would be in legislation. People have personal interests in following and obeying the laws created within their land including those that they may disagree with. This is due to the understanding that at some time they will have to share the same with the majority’s opinion and will require the majority to respect the law. It is also crucial to note that even though the rich may compose the majority, their dissatisfaction is not hazardous since their wealth renders breaking the law risky.

Democracy has also offered a chance for modifications within the American government without the risk of hostility. Authority can be removed from one party to the next through the process of election. Furthermore, the power of a general public in America tends to decide on the nation’s ruling. In addition, the government is usually confined to election tenure after which the government should contend against the opposition party in order to recover their power. In this case, the process averts the elements of monopoly as well as the autonomy of the reigning party. The process of reining parties have to make sure that it functions in an effective manner for individuals since it cannot keep on being the power subsequent to doing its term unless it has been granted the authority through re-election by the people.

Democracy has also played the role of raising the feeling of gratitude and social responsibility for the individuals in the United States. This tends to inculcate the feeling of the government’s responsibility to the citizens of the United States. The reigning authority tends to owe the accomplishment in the elections to individuals in America. This leads to the perception of thankfulness to the citizens. An additional important advantage of democracy in the United States is that the people tend to achieve the feeling of contribution in the entire procedure of choosing their government. Most importantly, they are granted with the chance to be able to speak out their opinions through the method of electoral voting. The entire process offers them the feeling that they are part of the American society and can influence the way they are led by the higher authorities in the government. Moreover, the rush of the political practice presents the country as a remarkable nation. In this case, there are always individuals that call for reform of the nation’s activities, lobbying for the forces or even expressing the concerns of the people. America’s best pleasure emerges from the talks about the government and taking part in the government. This prevents despotism in the United States. It is also important to note that despite the fact that people may fail to manage the public affairs in a way that is required by the government, it will be healthy for them to take part since their responsibilities tend to increase the borders of the people beyond their interests and this makes them to care for their society as a whole. Most importantly, activities may fail to be done in the rightful manner but most of the things will be finished since the extraordinary level of political activity as well as energy will be available. Democracy has also been associated with the lessening of many crimes as well as increasing of the entire societal wellbeing.

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On the contrary, democracy in America has been associated with several disadvantages in the American society. It is vital to examine the disadvantages that arise from the American democracy. In most cases, most of the difficulties tend to be associated with the tendencies as well as societal attitudes. However, there are only little institutional difficulties. The initial problem is the preponderance of power of legislation. The legislation becomes a representation of people’s will. Democracy in the United States offers the nation power of the governmental parts. If there lacks sufficient checks on the authority, then it can end up being tyrannical. Related constitutional issue weakens the entire independence of executives, and indirectly raises the authority granted to the legislature, which is the capability of president to undergo a re-election. It seems at the first glance that the feature presented in the government of the United States weakens the power of the president. In most cases, it has been seen as a way to increase the influence of the president through giving him a chance to retain his office for a long period. A problem occurs due to the fact that if the president is able to have hopes of re-election into office, he/she will tend to lose abilities to make effective decisions that will be founded on judgments. The president will bow to people’s whims hence constantly attempting to prove that he/she is working for them just to make them happy despite the fact that there is no knowledge to judge him through the best action for the nation. It is a point to prove that allowing the American president to be re-elected through democracy tends to raise the dangers of tyranny by the majority Americans.

Another problem would be that the direct elections of the representatives as well as the short time in office lead to the selection of groups that play mediocre games in offices and have the inability to represent people as contrary to the senate. This is due to the fact that the members of the senate are elected using an indirect procedure and tend to be there for long terms. They are also made up of intelligent along with well-educated people that know all the items of leadership and government. It would be vital to switch into a procedure that ensures indirect elections for everyone including the representatives. Failure to do that would render laws in the United States, a mediocre process as well as often contradictory. It has become clear that the overriding and intangible danger that faces democracy in the United States is due to the excessive need for equality.

In conclusion, the discussion has proved that democracy in America is a controversial topic of discussion. This is due to the fact that democracy in the United States exhibits many advantages but also carries problems. In this case, different populaces have different opinions concerning the political procedures. Therefore, the advantages along with the disadvantages of political structure are usually determined vigilantly in order to attain the finale.

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