Mar 29, 2020
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Nowadays, in the era of scientific discoveries and space exploration, people are still looking for a way to combat racism ‒ a phenomenon which cannot be associated with civilized societies. Despite numerous attempts to eradicate racism, it continues to poison the minds and hearts of people. Nowadays, racism is synonymous with discrimination related to gender, race, and color of skin. Regardless of its public manifestation and conflicting interpretation, racism is an unacceptable attitude of the humiliation and submission, which have become common in the modern society. In fact, racism is a source of social and political troubles which should be defeated.

The Color Racism

Racism is a social intolerance towards cultural diversity and physical differences, which are impossible to hide but remain the minor qualities of human genuine personality. Despite judging a person by his skills and actions, bigoted society focuses mainly on his appearance, including skin, facial features, hair, speech, and other striking features. Racism is an ideology that uses external differences as the core reason for the refusal of equal treatment towards the other members of a group. It is based on the so-called scientific, biological, or moral characteristics. Racists believe that their victims differ from their group and are originally inferior. Such unfair arguments are used to justify the preferential treatment for a group at the expenses of any other. The confrontation between African Americans and Whites could be an example.

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Racism, which is based on skin color, is the most extended type of discrimination. It is especially humiliating because its very essence is a strong reminiscent of an insignificant position of African Americans as slaves. The first attempts to abolish slavery in the United States were made in the 1770s. The right to freedom was enshrined in the Declaration of Independence (Foner, 2012). However, it took many decades before an African American could become the president. During centuries, they had been serving Whites and working on the plantations. They usually died without having lived a full life. The idea of ​​White superiority deeply ingrained in the consciousness of society; thus, the elements of racism are manifested in various spheres of life even today. For example, the segregation is present in education. Today, parents send their children to schools, where 77% are white students (Balkaran, 2015). As a result, children from minority groups go to schools where 30% of white children are studying (Balkaran, 2015). Besides, in New York, 60% of all African Americans visit schools, where about 90% of them attend lessons. Additionally, 76% of Latinos prefer schools, where national minorities mostly dominate (Balkaran, 2015).

The justice system differs by the more unjust campaign. Balkaran claims that the Blacks often receive a more severe punishment than the Whites. They are more likely to be sentenced to death (Balkaran, 2015). Additionally, he argued: “Despite the fact that whites engage in drug offenses and criminal activities at a higher rate than African-Americans, the incarceration rates between African Americans and white at a rate that is 10 times greater than that of whites,” (Balkaran, 2015, p.78). It is an example of injustice and flagrant violations of the human rights.

Undoubtedly, the color manifestation of racism forms the anti-human society, which destructively influences the formation of the healthy personality. One of the most prominent figures in the fight for equality is Martin Luther King, who proclaimed his famous I Have a Dream on August 26, 1963, as a call for establishing equality and practicing philanthropy in society (Foner, 2012). Not only could racism aggravate personality, but it also harms health (DeAngelis, 2009). Nervous tension and a lack of balance generate the inner microaggressions, which cause conflicts and degradation of society. Thus, the color racism is an anti-social habit, which can do irreparable harm to the psychological development of a person and hinder a progress toward equality.

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The Gender Discrimination

Gender racism is a form of humiliation that implies discrimination based not only on color, appearance, and ethnicity but gender as well. Gender discrimination or sexism does not relate directly to race. It is the situation whereby one sex has more advantages than another. The majority of societies regard gender humiliation as a system of social norms and rules favoring men to the detriment of women.

Even in the modern society, women’s rights are violated in such areas as employment, wage differentiation, political and religious careers, housing, social policy, the right to property in civil and criminal law, sexual harassment at work, and domestic violence. This unfair tradition had existed for a long time. For example, Jewish once prayed every morning saying: “Thank you, Lord, that I was not born a woman” (Pokharel, 2008, p.80). Girls from families of Brahmin and Chhetri are forced to marry at the early age even if they are not ready (Pokharel, 2008). In Nepal, women cannot receive a decent education (Pokharel, 2008). These restrictions and prejudices often surprise foreigners or those who belong to other races. In the US, the victims of gender racism are mostly African American and Hispanic women. They may live in poverty and experience deep anguish if they do not have support.

Gender racism should receive serious criticism because its victims are the most vulnerable members of society. Owing to the fact that oppression and violation of human rights affect mental health, the representatives of ethnic minorities become intensely vulnerable (Perry, Harp, & Oser, 2013). The consequences lead to the sense of alienation from society, isolation, and depression. Neglected females suffer from severe stress factors, which can easily break a psychologically immature or weak person (Perry, Harp, & Oser, 2013).


The essay argues that discrimination is a harmful social phenomenon that destroys healthy society and causes irreparable psychological damage to people who are discriminated on the grounds of skin color and gender. It is difficult to eradicate racism because it has been deeply rooted in the history and traditions. However, activists should try to suppress it. Human rights and freedoms must be equally available for all, regardless of race, appearance, gender, and personal features.

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