Life is founded on literature. Literature covers numerous topics from the many tragedies that afflict human life to stories of love or the constant quest for ever-lasting love. While literature takes a physical form i.e. written words, it is the vividness of people’s imaginations and their ability to understand texts – whether these are simple or complex – that brings words to life. 

Imagine thinking you have just written a good literature essay and that you have to mark this work you did by yourself. Suppose you were feeling tired after already reading around fifty English essays that same day? The fact is that readability is the key to writing a successful essay on literature. 

  • Do not just regurgitate facts, lecture or course notes, or the opinions of other people in your essays. 
  • If it is the case you would not enjoy reading your own essays, then it is unlikely that other people will.

When you are writing an essay on English literature, another crucial point to keep in your mind is the planning aspect. Do not begin writing unless you know or have some idea of what main points you will cover: 

  • Before beginning, jot down your main ideas and/or points.
  • Create a plan for the paragraphs in your essay.
  • What argument(s) will you make?
  • Try looking at the entire picture before beginning.
  • When do you intent to have written at least some part – say 300 to 500 words – by?

There are, of course, plenty English literature essay samples available if you need more ideas. In the meantime, the practical suggestions and questions above are designed to help you both write an effective essay and prevent you becoming overwhelmed in a myriad of ideas and words. Once the process is underway, it is fine to alter your argument(s) or change your direction, but it does help to begin with some idea about where you want to get to. 

Jan 23, 2020
category: Literature
Platonic Love

Platonic love should not be confused with romantic relationships. The concept, origins, and nature of love have been the major concern of philosophers and scientists across time.

Jan 23, 2020
category: Literature
Ceremony – Search for Identity

The novel Ceremony was written by Leslie Marmon Silko in 1977. Silko is a Native American writer who earned fame composing novels and poems in a Native American Renaissance style.

Dec 11, 2019
category: Literature
Comparative Analysis of Awakening and The Yellow Wallpaper

In the nineteenth century, American society still thought that women should be submissive to their husbands, passive to men’s decisions, and their principal role should be housekeeping and children upbringing.

Dec 9, 2019
category: Literature
Communication Theories and Beauty Standards

The media is a source of news, information, opinions, and ideas. It shapes people’s opinions about a certain issue or product.

Dec 9, 2019
category: Literature
The Housekeeper by Robert Frost

The poem titled “The Housekeeper” by Robert Frost is about a man, John, whose social life disintegrates due to a difference in interests between him and his housekeeper who is also his sexual partner.

Dec 9, 2019
category: Literature
A Human Being

In the 21th century, a question about the essence of a human being becomes topical as never before. Today, many human beings are replaced with computers having artificial intelligence; thus, people often lose their job.

Jul 22, 2019
category: Literature
Synthesis Paper

Today’s world order is influenced by globalization, an international concept that integrates societies and economies into a unified system. This system has created new challenges and opportunities which demand that we reformulate answers to how we approach diversity.

Jun 14, 2019
category: Literature
Analysis of Robert Frost’s Poetry

A prominent place in the history of American literature belongs to Robert Frost. Many consider him one of the most notable and significant poets of the 20th century.

Mar 22, 2019
category: Literature
Knight-errant in Traditional Chinese Literature

The literature of every country has its own heroes. Being usually warriors or knights, these men know how to protect the innocent and dispose of the enemy. Greek heroes sought glory, Medieval knights looked for love of fair ladies, while Chinese knights-errant pursuit justice.

Jul 2, 2018
category: Literature
Book Club and Literature Analysis

Literature is a strong weapon that can change a lot in one’s thoughts and even beliefs. Throughout years, literature has played a great role in shaping the ideology and culture of different nations. In spite of the existence of television, literature still has more benefits. It describes the human being and reality.