Sep 3, 2019
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Comparison and Contrast of Two Fortune 100 Industries

The Fortune 100 companies are the pioneers of the American economy. They are in the annual list of 100 the biggest open and secretly held companies in the United States. General Motors and Dell Computers are among the Fortune 100 Companies that are well-known and great income generating companies (Bassi, 2011).

General Motors (GM) is among the biggest automobile producers in the world, which builds cars and trucks, with famous brands, among which are Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and Chevrolet. GM additionally assembles cars with the help of Vauxhall, Opel,GM Daewoo, and Holden units. The company works in the following business sections: GM North America, GM South America, GM Europe, and GM International Operations. GM has more than 100 areas in the US (barring car financing operations and dealerships) and 15 areas in Canada. It has assembly, manufacturing, circulation, offices, and warehousing operations in 61 different nations. GM Financial has 46 offices, 22 of which are situated in the US. The biggest company’s offices outside the US are in Canada, the UK, Brazil, and Spain.

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Dell Computers is the world’s third supplier of personal computers. It gives a wide scope of innovation items for the customer, instruction, venture, and government sectors. In additions to its line of desktop and notebook computers, Dell offers system servers, information storage frameworks, printers, Ethernet switches, and peripherals, for example, showcases and projectors. It additionally showcases third-parties’ programming and equipment. The company’s administrations unit gives resource recovery, financing, support, frameworks combination, training, and also facilitates IT benefits. Dell was taken private in 2013 in an arrangement valued at about $25 billion. Dell has customarily been a desktop PC company, and desktop PCs have produced a quarter of the company’s aggregate income. While there has been a contracting interest for PCs, Dell has posted eight straight quarters of development in that business.

The company is moving to support and grow its abilities for cloud computing, enormous information, and data administration. Its mobility section, which makes notebooks, creates a bigger share of offers, has represented almost 30% of income. This section additionally offers top of the line gaming and multimedia PC items, including its XPS and Alienware lines. Other key items originate from Dell’s product and peripherals fragments. Such comprise of Dell-marked presentations and printers, third-party peripherals, digital cameras, printers, and televisions (Dell Computer Corporation, n.d.).

Missions, Visions, Values, and Core Business Practices of Each Company

  • General Motors’ Mission Statement says:

General Motors is a multinational enterprise engaged in socially mindful operations, around the world. The company is devoted to give items and administrations of such quality that clients get excellent value. This aspect is coupled with employees and business partners engaging in its prosperity and investors receiving supported predominant profit for their investment.

General Motors’s Vision Statement is the following: “GM’s vision is to be the world pioneer in transportation products and related services. We will acquire our clients’ enthusiasm through consistent change driven by the trustworthiness, cooperation, and innovation of GM individuals”.

The GM’s team shares an enthusiasm for clients and a focused spirit that drives them to the greatness. Their way of life, which speaks to the diversity, consideration, mutual respect, obligation, and comprehension, invites new points of view and varied encounters. The company offers cars and trucks to fleet clients, including every day rental car companies, business fleet clients, renting companies, and governments. GM advertises its vehicles worldwide through a system of free merchants, dealers, approved deals, services, and parts outlets with a system of more than 20,700 dealerships. It spends about $5 billion every year on publicizing (Crumm, 2010).

  • Values of Dell Computers: superior support and service, simple to purchase, simple to utilize. Vision Statement of the Company says:

It is the way we work together. It’s the way we collaborate with the community. It’s the way we interpret our general surroundings – our clients’ needs, the fate of technology, and the worldwide business atmosphere: Whatever changes the future may bring, our vision – Dell Vision – will be our controlling power.

Mission statement of Dell is the following: “Dell’s mission is to be the best Computer Company on the planet at delivering the best client experience in business sectors we serve”.

Dell offers enterprise items, including servers, system administration hardware, and storage gadgets. On the services side, Dell offers a wide scope of IT and business administrations, including infrastructure innovation, applications, and item-related support administrations. Dell creates about half of its income outside the US. Since it does a huge part of its business on the worldwide markets, the company is hoping to support its vicinity in creating markets. It also keeps on looking abroad to cut operational expenses. Situated in Singapore, Dell’s Asia/Pacific portion incorporates assembling and distribution units in China, India, and Malaysia, and a business center in India.

HR strategies General Motors and Dell Computers Use

Both General Motors and Dell Computers use HR methods to ensure that they obtain the required ability to support their missions, visions, values, and core business practices. General Motors’ strategic plan incorporates a few major activities to help to accomplish 9-10% margins by the early 2020s. Its activities include strong product pipeline to hold clients; standing out in quality and wellbeing; taking a lead in item plan, with light-weight and blended material body structures and in driving edge innovation; developing its brands (particularly the Cadillac brand), and keeping developing GM Financial as its captive car financing company. Like most vehicle producers, GM is additionally concentrating on its development in China. It expects to expand the number of nameplates under the Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac marks in China and keep on growing its business under the Baojun, Jiefang, and Wuling brands (Longoni, 2014).

In 2014, GM propelled its watershed training program in seven new groups across Canada, the biggest global extension in the activity’s 25-year history. GM’s endeavors to improve its items include creating energy-saving models, such as the Chevrolet Volt, an electric auto controlled by a lithium-ion battery, presented in late 2010. The company presented the Chevrolet Spark electric auto in 2013. GM likewise formed an association with Segway to build up a two-wheeled and two-seat electric vehicle. Besides, GM has around 20 Flex Fuel cars available in the US.

Dell works far from the glare of stock analysts and financial specialists, to turn into an end-to-end equipment, programming, and administration supplier. As a feature of the change, the company keeps on moving its arrangement of items and administrations to give higher-value and repeating income streams after some time. In early 2014, it extended an implementation association with California-based NetSuite, which offers cloud-based business process administration programming to average sized companies and divisions of bigger enterprises. The arrangement falls in accordance with Dell’s emphasis on an enterprise business. Additionally that year Dell collaborated with Red Hat on the system capacity virtualization technology.

HR Strategies That Could Promote a Competitive Advantage for Each Company

Some Human Resource Strategies could be used to promote competitive advantage for both companies. In General Motors, a Balance Score Card, which is a performance measurement marker, can be utilized to gauge the money related and non-budgetary situation in the company. It is known to assist businesses and actualize the changes needed to meet their business objectives. It also enables the companies to add to a more comprehensive perspective of their operations and to match better to all working and venture exercises to the long and short-term key objectives. To guarantee that General Motors can efficiently accomplish its balanced scorecard later on, it must handle its outside surrounding issues concisely. The company needs to improve through its internal process, learning, and development to conquer its competition issue. General Motors can likewise utilize the High-Performance Work System (HPWS), which is work practice that can be deliberately introduced to improve organizational performance. The fundamental focus of HPWS is sorting out work so that the employees take an interest in decisions that influence the operations of an association (Russo, 2010).

Dell ought to embrace Human Resource Management practices, for example, work analysis and design, recruitment, selection and positioning, training, improvement, and career administration. These strategies guarantee that the company has individuals who have the relevant information, skills, and capacity to perform their part in actualizing the company’s vital goals. Dell ought to listen to what employees need to say, how they feel about their occupations, directors, apparatuses, and assets. Assessing their fulfillment is crucial for Dell. In this connection, an online Human Resource feedback form ought to be given to the company’s employees to permit them to give an anonymous feedback about the workplace.

Additionally, Dell should pay business sector related salaries and offer a scope of standard big company benefits as a method of drawing in top performers into its business and motivate its present employees. However, this does not mean that people will pay more in order for the company to pay more the workers. Dell Company ought to provide better and quality services and products to make profitable goods and services. When something is of good quality and efficient, it attracts more people, so Dell ought to emulate the policy. Therefore, many customers will opt for the products and services that Dell provides, hence a high profit for the company that it will use to pay its workers.

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