Jun 17, 2019
category: Medicine

Life is not a bed of roses. There are people on the Earth who are forced to live every day of their lives through pain and suffering. The cause is incurable genetic diseases. Today, at least for new generations, the only way to stop suffering from those diseases has become possible. The new era of gene engineering has created an innovative research concept named ‘designer babies’. It may seem that it is a baby created by a designer. In fact, it is not precisely that. It means that there is a procedure that allows to change the genes of the child before it is born. It implies that not only such traits as gender, appearance, intelligence and personality could be chosen, but also the unhealthy genes could be changed or eliminated. In this respect, a new concept ‘designer babies’ arises. A ‘designer baby’ is a revolutionary technology and its significance for the humanity is undeniable. Thus, the technology must be accepted by the global society, as it is able to prevent people from being born with serious health problems and allow them to live a fulfilling life.

Getting a much deserved life is a common desire and a starting point for every human being. Every person is born for happiness, love, and creativity. However, everything loses it sense when one experiences mental or physical pain. Life become resembles a struggle where there is no place for calmness and pleasure. A terminally ill person is doomed to torments. Today modern science has reached a point when it has made it possible to reduce the risk of inheriting a genetic disorder. Now, the process of in-vitro fertilization “provides access to the genetic material within” (Andrews 99). It means that a newborn can be ‘modified’ through the change in DNA using innovative gene-editing ‘in-vitro fertilization’ technology (IVF). If the global community approves a ‘designer babies’ technology, it will open ways to the more profound human cognition, broaden the possibility to control and regulate inner processes in the human organism, allow to eradicate the roots of the incurable diseases, and, finally, ease the people’s suffering.

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When one is sick and tortured, this person’s relatives and friends are suffering, too. Happiness of one person is based on the bliss of close and precious individuals. However, it is hard to feel happy in a hospital bed. The aim of medicine is to treat people and to save them. That is why it constantly develops and progresses. Undoubtedly, a ‘designer babies’ technology is the result of hard and continuous work that has been conducted to solve human and medical problems. Surely, it should be used – otherwise, there is no reason in this discover. Therefore, there is a burning question: what are ‘designer babies’ genetically modified for – beauty, intelligence or disease eradication? Leading scientists and bioethicists claim that it is time for a serious public debate on this issue. Thus, the UK Medical Research Council Professor Robin Lovell-Badge considers that “testing embryos for disease during IVF would be the best way of preventing diseases being passed down through the generations. It would also be useful in circumstances when all embryos would carry the undesirable, risky genes” (Gallagher). This is the answer that clearly emphasized the necessity of using the ‘designer babies’ technology, above all, to enable children to be born free of disease. At the same time, the science is designed to help couples who have trouble conceiving a healthy baby.

If every person had a choice, he/she would never choose a sick and unhappy baby to be born into the family. Although, at the same time, every newborn child is loved and wanted by parents and relatives despite the illness. Fletcher notes that “being a good parent is surely not about enhancing our children but about enhancing our children’s lives through making them feel loved, accepted and wanted” (Fletcher 28). Thus, the parents with damaged genes have had no choice until the present. Today things have become different; the science has made a breakthrough and the technology that modifies children’s genes is available. Now, with the innovative achievement of ‘designer babies’, the parents have a choice to be assured that their future child will be healthy. Julian Savulescu, the ethics professor at Oxford University, proclaims that “We’re in the middle of a genetic revolution” (qtd. in Davis). Her words surely have reason, as the development of the ‘designer babies’ prospect may help reduce the risk of genetic or inherited diseases, such as fibrosis, blood disorders, diabetes, obesity, Down syndrome and others. Besides, this breakthrough may provide a better understanding of genetics even increase the average lifespan. This change would mean humans are capable of controlling their own evolution. As an outcome, a new generation will be born. Stephen Baird agrees that we “are standing at the most consequential technological threshold in all of human history: the ability to alter the genes we pass to our children” (Baird). This discovery empowers scientists to argue with nature and correct its mistakes.

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To conclude, since the ‘designer baby’ concept implies an innovative technology achievement that allows modern scientists to ‘design’ a future child by reprogramming it on the genetic level, it opens great prospects for the future. This finding implies that the progress is going on and the humanity is able to cope with obstacles that yesterday seemed unavoidable. This technology should continue to be developed and worked on. It has a high value for the humanity, since it may prevent people from being born with genetic disorders and inherited diseases. It may free new generations from suffering and pain. The ‘designer babies’ technology should be researched and pursued, as it may give a chance to future generations to live healthier lives full of joy and happiness. Certainly, this significant scientific achievement may be very useful and serve humanity in case it is used for the right reason, which is to help people.

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