Jun 4, 2020
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The report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has been released in response to the health reforms that have been promoted by the Affordable Health Care for America Act. The bill should transform the health sector and meet the needs of the disadvantaged in the society (Breanna & Donna, 2014). The new laws demand that the insurance companies cover the ailments, including the costly diagnosed illnesses, for the citizens who are unable to afford treatment. Medical workers are also prohibited from discriminating those with the chronic conditions. These changes have led to the high accessibility of healthcare facilities. However, they have also produced concerns over the number of workers that will be required to meet the increasing demand for healthcare in the future. This essay aims to review the IOM report, its impact on nursing practice and education, especially in the primary care, and how one will change his/her practice to meet its goals as well as the nurse role as a leader.

Impact of the IOM on Nursing Education, Practice, Particularly in Primary Care

The report points out the fact that it will be advantageous if the nurses use their knowledge to bridge the gap of their scarcity. They will need to change from the acute care setup to the preventive and primary care. Through expansion and utilization of their wide range of skills, they will be able to contribute positively to the inadequacy in primary care through follow-up home visits, assessment, and education completion (NAS, 2011). In fact, the nurses can achieve it by educating and training patients on how to take care of their chronic conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. On the other hand, nurses can educate the members of the society on wellness and mitigation of the chronic diseases. This will involve the empowerment of the community to be able to carry the primary care required for their conditions. Consequently, this practice will help in the reduction of the patients at the hospitals and healthcare thus allowing the health provider to examine more patients at the hospital, especially those in critical condition.

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How I Will Change My Practice to Meet the Goals of the IOM

The report focuses on the need for the nurse to return to school for a higher education while at the same time, it reveals the drawbacks of the education that should be altered. It alludes to the fact that the curriculum needs to include geriatrics because of diverse cultures and the aging population. Moreover, healthcare has been availed to those who did not receive it previously. After reading the IOM report on The Future of Nursing and learning that changes are inevitable, my first step towards the realization of the IOM goals is the completion of a degree in nursing (Stuart, 2016). This will be the beginning since am sure I will need to continue my education to accumulate knowledge on the areas related to technology, diverse cultures, and the new procedures (Hershaw, 2011). I will also be interested in participating in the committee meetings associated with my area of specialization and most importantly with patient safety. This will be a significant decision towards meeting the future changes. Since the matters of health are dynamic and keep changing with time, I will still consider enrolling for further studies to be aware of the new diseases and health equipment.

Impact of the Nurses Role as a Leader

For the United States of America to realize a full transformation of the numerous reforms in the healthcare, the nurses will need to offer the leadership role (ANA, 2011). There are many ways in which the nurses can be beneficial towards the achievement of improved healthcare system that will provide modernized patient care. It is crucial that they receive advanced education. Their proficiency will improve their roles in the healthcare system so that they can impart the knowledge of the new changes to the young minds. The report underlines the fact that the nurses need to be included in the decision-making process regarding the improvement of the health services. Nurses will have to take the opportunities of being active participants in the board meetings or committees that are involved in the implementation of the reforms so that they can voice their concerns and articulate their remedies during the formulation of policies. They will also be in a position to be innovative while helping to meet the challenges at different levels. When the nurses should treat an overwhelming number of patients, it will be the duty of the nurse to exercise the leadership role and understand the most efficient way of handling such a stressful situation.

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It is evident that the healthcare is undergoing reforms. With the high number of the patients flocking the facilities, it will be necessary to ensure that the deficiency of nurses is taken seriously. This will require the nurses to be flexible in adjusting to the changes since more improved health care will be more effective. The changes that the nurses would adopt may include the educational talks with the patients on how to take care for their chronic illness at home or during home visits. At the individual level, I will seek to advance my education to become adequately prepared to deal with the latest health equipment as well as the diverse population. It is critical to guard patients’ safety. The role of nurses as the leaders in the change is necessary since they have experience in the sector and therefore they have to be included in the decision-making process.

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