Jun 4, 2018
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While users of information and technology are hindered from accessing some private information through privacy policies, administrators are faced with a tempting dilemma as they have access to all the information, websites, and private messages of users. This is due to their expertise and exposure to such systems. Also, they are responsible for maintaining computing systems, which require them to access many sources of information stored on the network.

This dilemma also partly extends to vendors of information technology services. Vendors would want to make maximum sales. This increases their temptation to sell both illegal and legal software, a situation that has led most of the vendors to appear before the tribunal to answer charges of such nature. The major concern of this script is to outline some of the major responsibilities that should be carried out by the vendors as they struggle to sensitize their customers, with a view to motivating them using incentives that are within the legal boundaries.

Information technology vendors are, therefore, expected to display high moral standards which are motivated intrinsically and manifested through self-control. This will bar them from providing their customers with illegal services.

Services can be considered illegal due to many factors. For example, some products are not accepted in certain political regimes and geographical boundaries, while other products are not compatible with a certain age of people; these may include advertisements on consumables and pornographic clips. Finally, some products are banned due to religious beliefs of some groups.

Information technology vendors and sales representatives of various companies are, therefore, expected to follow the rules provided below.

Attend Sales Ethic Training

Any sales practitioner or vendor is expected to attend several trainings in order to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law, a situation that may arise from ignorance and incompetence. This helps them understand privacy policies in order to avoid piracy and sales of illegal software. These personnel are expected to attend in-service training, as well as refresher courses, in order to be acquainted with the changing sales policies. Employer companies of such vendors are encouraged to meet the cost of such trainings rather than piling the training expenses to the employees. This should be as frequent as possible.

Apply Ethical Criteria in Presenting Incentives

The language used while presenting information technology products for sale should not be offensive. On the contrary, it should be polished and of high standard. Vendors should be able to explain the correct use of any given product they sell to avoid misuse, overuse, and disuse.

Adhere to Corporate Code of Conduct

Vendors should understand the cooperate requirement of the services and goods that they offer in order to adhere to the code of conduct. It is also essential to understand the patent and patterns of such products. Finally, it is necessary to avoid sexy or suggestive attires and sexist language and be simple in presentation.

Also, vendors should consider age and geographical and religious background of their clients and customers. Such factors as age, geographical, and religious background of the clients and customers must be considered before the vendor advances to make any sales. It is important to consider that some IT products and services are acceptable in some regions and religions, while other regions and religions do not consider them acceptable. The age is also important. Some IT products are enjoyable and acceptable among adults, and one is bound to break the law if such are sold to people of some tender age.


All vendors should follow virtues, uphold the utilitarian approach, practice fairness to all, and make all their sales benefit everyone in the environment for the common good. Above all, it is essential to be law-abiding by avoiding piracy while respecting privacy of IT products.

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