Short answer questions assignments are often assigned to students in different subjects. These assignments are best in evaluating students’ knowledge in a specific discipline. Normally, question and answer assignments are given to students at all academic levels: high school, college, university or Master’s. These tasks are perfect in finding out whether a student has acquired the learned material and in evaluating how well he/ she can apply the learned in practice. Nonetheless, despite the fact that the short answer question task seems to be easy, it frequently turns out to be challenging for students working on it. Normally, students get overly worried and anxious about the task when the deadline is tough and there is no sufficient time to study all the materials properly. However, even in situations when you need to submit your question and answer academic assignment overnight, it is still possible to be on time with the help of our custom writing company

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What Are Short Answer Questions?

Typically, short answers assignments aim to evaluate the basic knowledge of a specific subject and test the overall understanding of a certain discipline. When working on such assignments, students may be also asked to provide their opinion or share their standpoint on the discussed issue. Another type of short answer assignments is when students are asked to provide definitions or interpretations of the given concepts, terms or notions. When working on short answer questions, it is essential to follow the word limit given and make sure you do not exceed it. Some students think that it is always better to write more than needed. However, this approach may prove to bear negative results as well as many professors simply do not read the tasks till the end if they have exceeded the required word count limit. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that the answers should be given in a brief, concise, and clear form without using complex and lengthy sentences. Often, bullet points in answers are preferred. Furthermore, you should well manage time when you have numerous questions to answer since you should distribute the time given between the general number of questions.

One of the main benefits of a short answer question assignment is that you are provided a task prompt, where you are given specific instructions and guidelines on how to answer the question, what should be included in it, etc. As such, if you are attentive enough when reading this information, you will find out that you have all the necessary information regarding the number of words you have to write and the very content you are expected to provide. There are some really short questions and answers tasks, where you are merely asked to provide a one-word answer whatsoever.

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There is also another type of a question and answer assignment that requires a yes or no answer. You just have either to agree or disagree with the fact, statement or simply information provided. In some cases, you do not even need to provide argumentation. The main aim of these questions is to check how attentive and careful students are when they read assignments and whether they have an eye for detail.

At the same time, there are short answer questions that require to provide an answer with argumentation. As such, you do not just have to answer the question but also to justify your answer.

Why do so many professors prefer short answer questions? – Because they are better than multiple-choice questions since the latter can be easily guessed by students. As such, real knowledge and critical thinking skills cannot be tested. When students are writing short answer questions, they can think more, mold thoughts into words, and write critically and analytically.

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How Much Does a Question Answer Writing Service Cost?

Without a doubt, when you order a question and answer paper, you are expected to pay for this type of custom writing service. For some students, choosing a custom writing company is a stressful experience since many students hesitate about the choice of a reputable service. Moreover, there are many stories about students’ experience dealing with companies infamous for their fraudulent activities. As such, it is natural why students are afraid of being charged extra.

To find a trustworthy and a reliable writing service, keep in mind that you will need to conduct a thorough investigation of the available companies online. As such, look through the company policy of a few services and compare the average prices of the chosen companies. At the same time, beware of the companies who claim to provide premium-quality services at low prices. As a rule, these companies do not boast excellent writing skills since no professional writer will agree to work for a low price.

Try to find a company that maintains a balance between the prices and the quality of services., for example, can provide a high-quality paper of any type at an appealing price that is affordable for an average student. The prices cannot be claimed neither low nor high – they are just right according to the paper topic, length, deadline, and academic complexity. All of these criteria have been taken into account to make sure that our company’s writers are motivated to work on your papers. Therefore, if you want to buy short answers to essay questions, do not even hesitate but order from us right now.

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How to Differentiate between Short Answer Questions and Open-Ended (Essay) Questions?

The most striking difference between a short answer assignment and an open-ended question assignment is that the former is written in form of short answers to specific questions. The questions do not count into the general word count limit. Moreover, you do not need any introductory or conclusive paragraph as well as a thesis statement to fulfill a short answer questions assignment. You just have to answer the given questions in paragraphs.

Open-ended questions do not provide many question prompts but they have one broad assignment that should be investigated in depth and that should include a few paragraphs that are logically related between each other. As a rule, there should be transitions between the body paragraphs and one needs to develop ideas in a clear and concise form. When working on essay questions, it is important to be creative in the discussion or analysis of ideas. Moreover, it is highly recommended to come up with a catchy title that attracts attention of your target readers.

If you feel that you cannot cope with the short answer question assignment or with an open-ended question assignment on your own, feel free to seek professional help from our custom writing service. We guarantee excellent quality of writing at reasonable prices.

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