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More About Our Professional VIP Essay Writing Service

Whenever making an order of your work from our specialists, you can enjoy an exceptional opportunity to utilize our original options, such as VIP services. This option gives you an unique chance to enjoy the process of making orders in full since the below-indicated VIP services are guaranteed:

  • All orders completed by our top experienced and skilled writers. All orders are always assigned to highly qualified experts in a specific scientific field;
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  • A full PDF plagiarism report. You will get a report of your paper with the percentage of possible matches and links that were found.


What You Should Know About?

Our professional academic and custom writing company sticks to the point of view that whenever people do need support, guidance or help in realizing their specific goals, they should be provided with this. Our company has been helping those people that cannot cope handle their editing, formatting, proofreading, writing, or any other types of academic writing problems. It is worth stressing that our essay VIP services are capable of dealing with any written task in a wide scope of subjects and topics.

How We Function: Essential Points

Our company has been providing exceptional opportunities that you can use in order your written tasks completed by our most sophisticated experts. In order to select one of our best specialists, our company thoroughly checks each candidate before he or she is permitted to compose any piece of writing. Therefore, every applicant should prove his or her knowledge of in a specific field of science. Furthermore, our professionals should possess lots of experience and skills to be hired by our academic writing company.

Our company has for decades offering needed support, thorough guidance, as well as practical help, which means that all customers are always notified regarding any unexpected, unplanned, or problematic changes or issues that occurred to their orders as timely as only possible.


The prices of our service start at $11.99. Each paper is written by competent and experienced writers in full correspondence to the paper description. You will receive a plagiarism-free paper of impeccable quality delivered according to the set deadline. Helpful client support available round-the-clock.

How to Make an Order of a VIP Package with a Discount of 20%

When you make an order of your work from our academic writing company, you will be requested to fill out tour detailed order form. Take into consideration that, you can find the VIP Services section in the bottom of this form. Our company provides and guarantees a wide range of options to our customers, both new and steady ones, – you can choose one of the indicated above service option or choose our VIP package, which usually comprises all available VIP options. For you to know, it is 20% cheaper and includes top 10 writers, priority support, plagiarism check, SMS notifications, VIP editing, and extended revisions.

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Our Confidentiality, Privacy and Security Policy

In compliance with our policy on security, privacy as well as confidentiality, all pieces of info given by our customers, are always well protected. Thus, our customers should not worry of their personal or financial pieces of info, and other essential details related to our cooperation. We have been doing all possible that no pieces of private info by our customers are disclosed to third parties. Most significantly, our company does limit any type of unlawful access to all the confidential info of our customers; therefore, only some workers at our company is allowed to have access to vulnerable info.

Our VIP Writing Services: Essential Advantages

Highly talented and sophisticated specialists from the English-speaking countries

Unique affiliate program:

  • Outstanding bonus system
  • Helpful and experienced customer support team
  • Plagiarism and Error-Free Content
  • VIP Services Package
  • Free and extended revisions

Our company always guarantees that after our customers have tried out our unique academic writing services, they will be pleased. Unlike other services provided in the industry of academic writing, our company is a customer-friendly and customer-focused platform with superb quality and reasonable price.

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Violet, USA

It was really fast! I would like to say, “Thank you!” You are good at writing! I told two of my friends about you, guys.

2021-10-31 4:05
Julia, USA

Overall, I am satisfied. I gave a lot of instructions and files to read. Although I found several typos, the writer did not miss any of the guidelines. I will order again. 

2021-9-30 21:41
Howard, USA

It is good that you can get the same writer again and again. When I like someone’s style of writing, I order again from them and the papers are always wonderful. Original and timely! 

2021-8-31 21:00
Russell, USA

My paper required close attention to detail and profound research. I am impressed with what you have done!

2021-5-31 8:56
Kelly, USA

No plagiarism at all! Wow! I submitted my review assignment on time and so far I am happy with the service.

2021-5-31 1:22
Fran, CA

The paper is a bit general, but I probably forgot to tell that some personal experience should be included. Overall, it is more than good.

2021-4-30 8:38
Lucy, USA

I would rate your communication style as 4 out of 5, but editing of my report was perfect. Good job! 

2021-3-31 5:18

Great job! I was greatly worried about my deadline, but I got my research on time. Good value for the money. 

2021-3-31 1:10
Grady, USA

There is no reason for me to change the writing company. My grades are good and I know that I can place an assignment in every discipline.

2021-1-31 8:15
Jerry, CA, USA

I am really satisfied with the service offered by this team. When I needed to change the deadline, they helped me and cut it.

2020-11-30 8:10
Fred, USA

A top service! The task was to create a project about Agatha Christie and I thought it would be a boring biography. It appeared to be really thought-provoking! I was impressed. I am considering some more projects now.

2020-10-31 0:15
Louise, USA

It was not my first time of using the service although I am not a regular client. I have not had any complaints so far. I always provide my valid phone number as it happened twice that the agents had to contact me to get the files I had forgotten to attach. I appreciated such an attitude.

2020-10-31 16:50
Elli, USA

Adequate quality for the money I paid. Even better.

2020-9-30 4:28
Kate, UK

The service is good and the time they needed to do my paper was extremely little. I would not have managed.

2020-9-30 2:16