Leonardo Bullaro is an innovative education leader focused on solving problems and building a stronger community for all of us. Leonardo’s father immigrated to Astoria in the 1950s to build a better life and he created a small business that served the community for over 50 years. Leonardo knows firsthand that same promise of opportunity is out of reach and fleeting for far too many today.


Raised in a Queens union family, Leonardo learned the importance of service to community, education, and the dignity of hard work. Those values guided his decision to pursue a career in education and service to others. From co-founding a NYC public high school to expanding opportunities for at-risk kids, to mentoring underserved students across the city, to leading impactful projects in NYC’s Department of Education Office of Innovation, Leonardo’s work and nonprofit leadership speaks to his true passion: building community.

Just as he’s built schools to level the playing field for NYC’s most vulnerable students, Leonardo is running for City Council because he knows the pain people are feeling and will champion real solutions for everyone in our community — whether they want to go to college, start a business, learn a trade, own a home, or start a family. You can verify this in his motivation letter.


For Leonardo, the urgent issues facing our community — from the ongoing pandemic to the housing affordability crisis to transportation access to the long economic recovery ahead — are deeply personal. People are suffering, worried about paying rent. Small businesses are closing. Families are food insecure. Our kids are falling further behind in school. 


Now more than ever, we need leaders with the forward-focused ideas, inclusive approach, and battle-tested experience to deliver tangible solutions to today’s challenges and set us on a strong path forward — not more divisive rhetoric that fails to improve people’s daily lives. Leonardo is a practical problem solver who has what it takes to make our community healthier, more prosperous, and more equitable for all New Yorkers, for generations to come.