Essentially, a nursing essay is a text that a student prepares as a college assignment, for publication in, say, a medical journal, or to present at a business or health conference. You may be perplexed as to why a nurse would need to write an essay, but this is a practical profession. Essay writing helps students acquire or improve their skills in terms of researching a topic, and it allows them to show that they understand particular concepts. It therefore follows that those in the nursing profession need to know how to write effective essays during their training and before they move onto to putting their knowledge and training into practice. This guide aims to show nurses and those studying nursing how to write an essay for their chosen profession.   

What the Body of the Essay Should Contain

If you already know how to write good essays, you will know an essay’s body is the main portion and the part likely to earn the most marks. This is because the content in the body can determine if it is a personal custom-written essay, or if it is mainly plagiarized. Consequently, to avoid the possibility of plagiarism, the ideas in these paragraphs and any quotations taken from outside sources need to be properly acknowledged. Another crucial aspect about the body of your essay is that it should be made up of at least two paragraphs, with each one covering a different point or idea. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that sets out the point or idea to be covered in that paragraph. The subsequent sentences should provide evidence or set out well-developed arguments to support the topic sentence. It is worth noting that citing facts and statistics on the topic you are discussing may get you additional points because these tend to make claims and arguments more credible. Most importantly, make sure that the sentences following the topic sentence link back to it in a clear and cohesive way. End each body paragraph with a sentence that summarizes the main idea or point in that paragraph.

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What the Concluding Paragraph Should Contain

With nursing essay writing, it is recommended you begin the concluding paragraph with a reiteration and rewording of the thesis statement, a summing-up of the main points and/or ideas from the entire essay, and a reminder of your stance on the topic. The following conclusion could, for example, be arrived at from an opening thesis statement: “height, weight, and waist measurement can warn a person they are at risk of obesity.” It is important a conclusion recommends various courses of action according to the findings, facts or research presented in the essay. Moreover, the writer should suggest or highlight further areas for study, or list the key limitations of the present study. 
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Top Tips on Writing a Nursing Essay

  1. Show you are aware. Do your best to demonstrate you understand the key issues, debates, and values pertaining to modern nursing in the approach you take. This as a suggestion rather than an absolute requirement. If you are not sure how to introduce a point or idea, or begin a discussion, think of any present-day issues as a lead-in.
  2. Write in an academic style. A nursing essay is undoubtedly an academic text and, as such, should adhere to the conventions that apply to the formatting and style of this type of writing. The language should be formal, specialist terminology and vocabulary should be used, as should proper referencing. Also, you need to be vigilant about grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  3. Types of writing. Nursing assignments often take different forms and genres at the higher level of education. Be mindful of the requirements of the different types e.g. reflection essays, healthcare plans, reviews of literature, etc. To get the best marks, show you are aware of the particular requirements of the different types of writing.   
  4. Pay attention to content. In terms of providing you with nursing essay help, this tip is important. An essay’s content usually depends on the assignment’s question and its specific requirements, but students need to show awareness of the different sophistication levels e.g. 1 to 3. Assignments for the lower levels may be fairly descriptive but they need more solid argument and critical evaluation for the higher levels.  
  5. Distinguishing theory from practice. In the case of vocational degrees, it is not possible to fully divorce the subject of nursing from actual practices in this field. Therefore, it is essential to link theoretical concepts with practice, thereby demonstrating you understand how these two interact.  
  6. Extensive reading. As applies to all scholarly disciplines, a great deal of reading is required when studying nursing, both academic-type literature and clinical documents/evidence. It is necessary to refer to an abundance of material, ideally from several different sources to show you are fully engaged with the subject.

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Critical evaluation is required. Work at the level 3 stage differs from the lower levels insofar as a substantial amount of critical thinking and evaluation is required. As well as collecting wide-ranging sources, you need to critically consider how strong the different arguments are as a way of showing your evaluation skills.  Essay structure. The right structure is important in any type of essay since this provides the foundation for all the elements. Different types of structure are required in the different genres of paper, but in most cases, a carefully planned, well-considered approach is expected.  Arguments should be logical. Just as it is necessary to critically evaluate various materials, it is also important to provide evidence in logical order to develop and support an essay’s arguments for the best marks. Think in a coherent manner, highlight flawed assumptions, and develop a logically built case to support all points and ideas.    Evaluations should be balanced. Evaluating a topic involves balance i.e. judging if particular sources are more or less credible than others, but balance also applies to every aspect of an essay. What proportion of your essay is devoted to reviewing the work of others and what percentage is yours. Has the same amount of consideration been given to all points?  

All that is left is to hope this nursing students guide helps you enjoy writing your essay!

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