There are many writing styles one can choose from. What is writing style? Giving a straightforward answer is hard. However, the information below evaluates the main types of writing and gives examples of each.

Writing styles help writers to express who they are. Before writing expository, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, creative, or another type of essay, one should think critically what style will help him or her to express their personality better. At first, it might look confusing, right? First of all, it is important to describe one of the most popular personal styles for comparison. Every individual has their own fashion style, whether they mean to or not. The accessories and clothes that we choose to wear every day can define personal style. A casual and laid back style can be seen if a person wears jeans and T-shirt with some old flip flops. On the other hand, people who use business style choose a button-down shirt and leather shoes. The same can be found in writing.

So, should we wear leather shoes while we write? It could make it fascinating, but no. Just like clothes, different writing styles express us differently. The main types of writing are persuasive, expository, descriptive, and narrative. Each of them has a particular style.

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Expository Essay Writing

The key aim of expository papers is to explain a specific phenomenon. When creating such pieces of writing, the writers impart facts about the discussed subject without expressing their personal viewpoint on it. Such academic works are objective, as they do not disclose the writer's position on the tackled problem. Expository writing is one of the most typical kinds of papers students have to deal with. Articles, manuals, and textbooks giving instructions on how to do something are usually produced in this style.

A wide-ranging category that includes many styles of essays is known as expository writing (with the exception of persuasive essays). The main goal of expository writing is to explain an idea or concept with the help of details. Such kind of writing is based on a subject. Consequently, it requires facts and supportive detail, not opinions. This type of writing is among those types of writing styles that are generally used in textbooks. It can also be used in 'how to' articles and essays. As such, these articles and essays follow a well-organized and logical structure. An expository style of writing is more straightforward and formal, so slang or casual language is not appropriate. Unlike a T-shirt and jeans, this writing is more dressed up.

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Persuasive Essay Papers

Persuasive papers are of convincing character. The major goal of persuasive papers is to persuade readers of something. Persuasive writing differs from the expository one, as it provides writer's point of view on the analyzed subject. In order to make readers take author's position on the explored issue, the writer puts forward powerful arguments concerning the issue. Such style of writing can be applied to preparing complaints, advertisements, marketing strategies, cover letters, and other pieces of writing.

Persuasive writing is similar to expository writing in some ways; it can be found in essays and articles. It requires examples to support certain statements as well as specific details for better illustration. Writing style definition of persuasive writing proves that it is not all about facts. When writing a persuasive essay, the writer usually strives to express an opinion and tries to persuade the readers to do something or agree with the writer's thoughts. In order to be convincing, the essay should be dramatic and a bit forceful, but, at the same time, it is supposed to be clear and concise. There are instances when the writers use exaggeration techniques to affect their readers in a more emotional way than it is done in an expository essay.

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Descriptive Writing

It goes without saying that descriptive papers have a descriptive character. The key focus of descriptive writing is to provide every detail of the events, sceneries, characters of a specific story. In case the writer intends to make a peculiar description of some events, people or places, they may present such a paper in a poetic form.

In poetry and fiction, the descriptive language is more popular, since the purpose of such literary works is not to inform but to entertain. The writers are free to use their creativity. Fiction and poetry are loved by their readers for the beauty of language and unique writing itself. Poetry and fiction are usually full of various adverbs and adjectives as well as imagery and figurative language. Detail is very important, as it helps the reader to envision the scenery and the described events in their minds.

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Narrative Essay Writing

As it has been mentioned, the key peculiarity of narrative papers is to tell a story. The authors of narrations create some situations and tell what happens to the characters facing them. The author sometimes writes the narration from the point of view of one of the characters. Such work is called the first person narration. Such literary works as novels, biographies, short stories and alike are written in the narrative writing style.

Narrative writing is similar to descriptive writing since its aim is to entertain the reader; however, in a narrative, the writer does his/her best to tell a story instead of focusing on entertaining the reader with poetic language. When the writer adopts an expository writing style when telling some story, the author is likely to make the reader bored. Commonly in a narrative, the language used is more descriptive, and imagery is present because the writer wants the reader to be able to see the setting and characters and become a part of the story's world. The writer's style depends on the story and can be changed if the writer wishes so. For example, a suspenseful story may consist of short, choppy sentences in order to build up to the very exciting moment; it is just one of the many techniques used by experienced writers. Therefore, the narrative category or genre can also influence the writing style.

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